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CakePHP Auto Complete in Zend Studio 8 :

Introduction: Zend Studio has always been a seriously powerful PHP IDE, and having your most used frameworks and libraries available in it means you can take advantage of the auto code completion feature in Zend Studio. For example, start typing beforeFilter, which is a CakePHP method, and Zend should give you something useful. Look at the output:

cakephp and zend

Assumptions: The only thing I'm assuming of you is that you know how to create a project in Zend Studio Oh, and that you have Zend Studio 8 installed.

Step 1: Create new PHP Project

As above, I'm assuming you know how to do this. Don't completing create a new project, just get past the first settings tab. File->New->Project->PHP Project.

Step 2: Adding the CakePHP Library files to Zend Studio

On the second tab of the new project wizard select Libraries from the tabs at the top and click Add External Source Folder and browse to the CakePHP core folder. Unless you changed it, its called cake. Click O.K and Finish, that is it, you are done.

zend libraries cakephp

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